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June 09 2017

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June 08 2017

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May 31 2017

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May 24 2017

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This fake brain actually has the same consistency as the real deal. So now you know how concussions happen! 

All my datafiles…contained in jelly…

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May 19 2017

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New Minimalistic Single Line Tattoos by Mo Ganji

With a single delicate black line, Berlin-based tattoo artist Mo Ganji (previously) creates the faces of intertwined portraits, the details of flying birds, and the forms of running animals. Each tattoo relies on an unbroken line that varies only slightly in thickness as it weaves in and out of each image, sometimes accompanied by a few accent dots. Seen here is a collection of pieces from the last year, and Ganji shares more new works on Instagram.

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May 12 2017

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we live in a godless society

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